BRUXELLES | TOUROPERATOR | Massimo Sansavini exhibition | European Parliament

Posted on 7 novembre 2016


Touroperator Exhibition


Pietro Bartolo, doctor of Lampedusa

I welcome with pleasure the invitation of Massimo Sansavini to bring my testimony in his report of a journey to Lampedusa through the art.

The reality, true and alive for all the people of Lampedusa, that saw with their own eyes landings and people with their grief and hope, is different from what we see through the filters of the medias.

It is difficult to explain to those who never experienced these tragedies the feeling and the state of mind of those who save, host and nurse the people who make it.

I believe that facing the migration issue through the art, which uses a universal and transverse language, produces sharper and more lasting effects than other communication means.

The pictures of Sansavini have the strong symbolic value of the wood of the hulls used by migrants.

Realising works of art with that wood wrecked and burnt by the sun, about to become a “special waste”, is like to grow up a flower from the ash, a memory, something else that only the art with its beauty and its purity can give us.

A testimony for the future, a way not to forget, and waking from the apathy and the drowsiness in which every day we risk to fall in.

Art, thanks to its eternity, pays homage to all the victims of the shipwrecks.

The humankind’s art fixes this memory that overtakes our words and becomes testimony to leave for those who are going to succeed us.